A slip of the tongue of the artist Ilham Shaheen about the member she loves most in men .. traps her and reveals her great truth that she tried to hide from everyone and her strange and exciting desires!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Actress Ilham Shaheen sparked controversy in previous statements to her, during her presence at one of the Alexandria Film Festivals, due to an argument between her and director Mohamed Al-Shal,

Where the late star Izzat Al-Alayli asked during one of the seminars to stand a minute of silence for the souls of the deceased artists, and after the minute ended, the critic Samir Al-Jamal cried.

Who was running the symposium, remembering his son, who passed away a short time ago, to console Al-Alayli. After that, Ilham Shaheen consoled “Al-Jamal”, saying: “God’s survival, Professor Samir.”

The director Mohamed Al-Shal replied, “We will all die.” She responded angrily: “This is a shame. I respect people’s feelings.” He reacted to her, saying: “You are the one who knows me the fault?” Then she left.

The last position shows the extent to which Ilham Shaheen became strong and able to deal, which is the opposite of what she revealed in a previous interview, about her inability to act in difficult situations, and this was what motivated her to one of her marriages.

Ilham Shaheen said, in a previous interview with the Sheikh Al-Hara program presented by the media, Basma Wahba, that she was exposed to a difficult situation when she was young, which pushed her to marry “in the hope of his manhood and protection”, and this husband was the producer, Adel Hosni.

She revealed that she married him even though she was 25 years younger than him; In the hope of his manhood and protection, she added: “I married him because I was at a possible time lost because of my problem with Jalal Al-Sharqawi.

Mamdouh Al-Laithi and Nour Al-Demerdash were in control of the market, who works and who does not work, and they cannot do anything with me after my marriage.

Elham Shaheen indicates that she was threatened with imprisonment at the age of 18, commenting: “I had a case with Jalal Al-Sharqawi and he would imprison me while I was a family.”

“Jalal Al-Sharqawi was a lawyer and I was not mature enough to deal with the problem I faced, and I went to my father to save me,

But he abandoned me and kicked me out of the house.” At this point, Shaheen could not act, so she decided to marry the producer, Adel Hosni, for protection and to save her from the prison nightmare.

And she continued, “I used to love big men, until when I grew up, I said enough, I want someone my age.”
She confirmed that the reason for her divorce from Adel Hosni

He left the field of tourism and entered the world of film production, commenting: “I told him I did not want to marry anyone from the artistic community, because work problems move home.”


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