A very beautiful Saudi girl could not control herself in front of a handsome young man in a shop.. Watch what she did with him.!?


In a new incident, and as usual, social media ignited, a Saudi girl sparked a great wave of anger among activists, after circulating a video documenting her lack of self-possession in front of a young man in a perfume shop, and she tried a lot with him to see his face and beg him to take off the mask.

In the video, which the young man documented himself, the girl flirted with him and asked to see his face in a way to beg him.

And the girl said in the circulating video: “May God protect you and remove the mask.” The young man asked her, saying: “Why?” She replied: “In order to see your face.” And the young man said to the girl: “I have a covenant with me. After sparking widespread controversy, they criticized the girl’s boldness because of what she said.


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