ABC anchor, Babe El-Gamal, forgot that she was on the live broadcast, and what she did without any shame ignited the anger of all the followers!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Australian anchor, Natasha Exelby, forgot she was on the air while presenting the news on ABC News 24. The anchor was looking at a piece of her hand when she appeared on screen after the report ended.

And as soon as she raised her head to examine the screen in front of her (Monitor), she found that she was on the air, and was shocked, then she controlled herself and completed the bulletin.

The Xlby clip spread on “Twitter” in Australia, but users considered it a spontaneous snapshot that there was no reason to be ashamed of, and they supported the announcer. “This might be my favorite moment on TV,” said announcer Mark Vannell.

All support Natasha.” Reporter and broadcaster Daniela Ritorto said: “We’ve all been through that moment. “It was so natural,” said Werner, another tweeter, “A spontaneous moment on TV for change.”


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