(Abu Hashima likes to see you in hot scenes?) .. A surprising and shocking response from Yasmine Sabry.!


The artist, Yasmine Sabry, said that she refuses to play the roles of kisses, noting that the temptation in cinematic films differed from the temptation in the old films.

She added, during a previous interview on the “Tonight D” program on the “CBC” channel, that temptation is of two types, one of which was embodied by the artist Hind Rostom and Souad Hosni, and the second type did not go to the woman’s femininity.

She pointed out that the “boss” is not a condition to be temptation, but that it can embody a love story, but she rejects him in her roles, and refuses to wear swimsuits.

Yasmine Sabry’s last dramatic work was a series entitled “A Second Chance”, directed by Mark Adel, who participated in the Ramadan Drama Race 2020, and was considered her second absolute championship after her first experience in the series “My Story” directed by Ahmed Samir Farag, in 2019.


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