Abu Jabal: We want to prove that we were more deserving of winning the nations of Africa


Mohamed Abu Gabal, Egypt’s goalkeeper, expressed the team’s desire to avenge Senegal after losing the African Nations title by qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Egypt is preparing to face its Senegalese counterpart tomorrow, Tuesday, in the second leg of the World Cup finals, after winning the first leg with a clean goal last Friday in Cairo.

In the match press conference, Abu Jabal said: “In the World Cup qualifiers, we face the same team that we faced in the final match of the African Nations and we lost against it, but it was an important lesson for us.”

He added, “We wanted to have a strong response to Senegal, which is what happened in the first leg in Egypt.”

Jabsky concluded by saying: The deciding match will be difficult for both teams, and we hope that success will be our ally to reach the World Cup so that we can prove to everyone that we were more deserving of winning the African Nations.


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