Actress (Bossi) after she caught her husband sleeping with the belly dance star in her bedroom and on her bed..she did not make him stop and when he finished his fun, her shocking reaction was!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Many actresses and screen beauties have not escaped their husbands' betrayal, despite their beauty and interest in their elegance, including the artist Bossi.

The artist, Bossi, suffered from her husband’s betrayal of her, and after the problems persisted between them, Bossi separated from her husband, Fatin Saeed, and “Bossi” spoke in more than one meeting about her husband’s betrayal of her, which was reported at the time that he betrayed her with the dancer Safinaz.

Her husband sparked controversy because of his arrest in his villa in the pyramid, for issuing bad checks, and while the security forces were executing the seizure order, they spotted the presence of an individual with 40 cartridges next to him, which made his ex-wife, “Bossi” write another report on this incident.

During his wife’s meeting, “Bossi”, with the “Harem Asrar” program, presented by the artist Amir Karara, she detonated a heavy-caliber bomb after she said that she had caught her husband’s betrayal of her in her bedroom with a girl.

And again with one of her friends, but she could not control her temper and beat him, she said.

Doubts about the veracity of the betrayal novel increased when Bossi’s divorced “Fateen” took over the management of the work of the dancer Safinaz and became a follower of her in all her movements, to the extent that Safinaz became dependent on him in all her affairs in her work and in her personal life.

A source close to Fateen revealed that he secretly married Safinaz after a short love story arose between them, and Safinaz preferred that the marriage be secret so that her work would not be affected, and Fateen agreed.

It is reported that Bossi had revealed her ex-husband’s betrayal of her before their separation after an eight-year marriage, and the biggest mistake was her marriage at an early age, and she confirmed that after discovering her husband’s infidelity, she took her right into her own hands.


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