After adjusting the working hours of banks.. How to buy an 18% certificate in the month of Ramadan


Vice President revealed National Bank of EgyptYahya Abul-Fotouh, on how to buy a certificate of 18% before, about work dates during the period, and that the high-return certificate will continue to be sold, with a return of 18% during RAMADAN month.

Whereas, any citizens can buy this certificate, and it is in the same steps as the current steps from the branches, the Internet and the mobile banking, and this will be without any change, coinciding with the decision of the Central Bank regarding the presentation of this statement.

Modification of bank working hours:

Yahya Aboul Fotouh added to Masrawy that there is no change in the method of selling the high-return certificate, which is from the bank’s branches during the month of Ramadan, especially coinciding with the change in official working hours starting from the holy month.

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank announced, last week, the offering of a savings certificate of 18% with a high return available, and its sale will not be stopped until all customers have the opportunity to purchase it, in order to obtain a rewarding return on the investment in the pound.

The National Bank decided, andEgypt BankLast Monday, a new high-interest savings certificate was issued after the Central Bank announced raising the interest rate by 1% for the first time in 5 years, and the decrease in the pound’s price against the dollar. An 18% certificate can be purchased through branches, through Call Center as well as the Internet banking, The customer can also have the right to purchase them.

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