After Infantinos statement about the World Cup, is Egypt’s dream affected?


Gianni Infantino, President of the International Football Association “FIFA”, made statements regarding the project to hold the World Cup every two years instead of 4 years as it is now, and stressed that this was not a “proposal by FIFA”.

This issue casts a shadow over Egypt’s dream of organizing the World Cup, which was officially announced by the authorities responsible for sport in Egypt.

Infantino is back

Infantino said in his latest statements: “Let me clarify one thing here, and I want to talk about some discussions and speculation about the holding of the World Cup every two years. FIFA did not propose to hold the World Cup every two years.”

Led by Arsene Wenger, head of global football development, FIFA has promoted the idea of ​​holding the World Cup every two years, an idea that has been vigorously opposed by UEFA and its South American counterpart, CONMEBOL.

Infantino stressed that the proposal to hold the World Cup every two years would have generated about four billion and 400 million dollars in the first four years for the agenda of the new competitions, with the return rising to six billion and 600 million dollars if all the continental federations agreed to establish their continental championships for teams every two years.

FIFA also published the results of a study claiming that the “majority” of football fans want to watch more copies of the World Cup, while UEFA indicated that an independent opinion poll described these proposals as “alarming.”

The FIFA president explained: “Let’s explain the process, the last FIFA Congress asked the administration to vote, and 88 percent voted in favor of a feasibility study for this and some other projects in women’s and youth football.”

He added: “The FIFA Development Committee, led by Arsene Wenger, has done this, and we have carried out a feasibility study, but FIFA has not submitted any proposal.”

He continued: “FIFA has reached the conclusion that this matter can be done, but it will have consequences and implications, and the next stage focuses on the need for consultation and discussion and trying to reach agreements and compromises.”

Egyptian dream

Speaking earlier about Egypt’s desire to organize the World Cup, Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, said: “Our goal is to work for the organization of the 2030 World Cup and the 2036 Olympics, but we must not repeat the mistake of 2010, and certainly things are very different at all levels now.” “.

The 2026 edition will be held in North America (Mexico, the United States, and Canada, which means that the first edition that can be contested to host is 2030.

Infantinos opinion

Gianni Infantino spoke in December 2021 about the ability of North African countries to host the World Cup, especially after Egypt succeeded in organizing the African Cup of Nations in record time in the 2019 edition, and the FIFA President confirmed his speech that the proposal to hold the World Cup every two years would increase the chances of hosting the tournament in different countries. around the world, giving opportunity to North African countries.

Infantino said: “Egypt is keen to cooperate with its neighbors in the north during a joint attempt to organize the 2030 edition of the largest tournament in the world, but the matter may depend on holding the tournament every two years, and Spain and Portugal offered to host the tournament jointly, and Morocco had a strong desire to participate. With them, but they submitted their request without Morocco and preferred not to include an African country in the bid to host the tournament.”


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