After the wood runs out.. “Paper coffins” to bury Corona’s deaths


Authorities rushed to order more, saying 1,200 coffins arrived last week, with more numbers to come later.

Space restrictions have made cremation a common practice for burials on the island’s densely populated grounds, off mainland China.

Coffins are usually made of wood or its alternatives, but in order to deal with the lack of coffins due to the large number of victims.covid 19Some companies are now offering alternatives that are eco-friendly cardboard coffins.

Live Art Asia has made cardboard coffins made from recycled fibres, with designs embossed on the outside.

The company can produce up to 50 coffins per day, at its factory located in the southern town of Aberdeen Hong Kong.

Hong Kong recorded about 200 deaths per day on average over the past week, as many residents die from the virus, especially Elderly who have not received vaccinations.

The high number of virus victims has overcrowded mortuaries, and refrigerated containers are now used to temporarily store bodies.

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