After the World Cup shock, will Queiroz continue to lead the Pharaohs?


The contract concluded between the Portuguese coach and the Egyptian Football Association stipulates that it will be terminated on its own in case of failure Queiroz In leading the Pharaohs to the World Cup.

new opportunity

open head Egyptian Football Association Jamal Allam is the door to the continuation of Carlos Queiroz and grant him a new contract with the Pharaohs.

Allam said in televised statements: “We will not make an emotional decision about Queiroz. The man did what he was supposed to. His whole life is about paying attention to the smallest details of football. I saw for myself his dedication and diligence.”

Allam indicated that the meeting of the Egyptian Football Association, which will take place after the World Cup draw, will resolve the issue of presenting a new contract to Queiroz.

Allam confirmed that he advised the technical staff to think about the future and the challenges that await the Egyptian team in the coming period, most notably the African Nations qualifiers, in response to the Portuguese coach’s statements.

Queiroz had said at the press conference after the loss from Senegal With a penalty shootout in Dakar, after the two teams exchanged wins (1-0), his career with the national team is over, and it’s time to choose another coach.

No to renewal

And he said Former Al-Ahly coach Fathi Mabrouk in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” that Carlos Queiroz He must leave immediately.

Mabrouk, who represented the Egyptian national team for the last time in the 1980 African Nations Championship, added: “Queiroz did not provide any addition to the Egyptian football, no player developed with him, and we did not achieve any benefit from his work, and he bears that we did not reach the World Cup, and therefore he must leave.”

There are voices calling for a choice Egyptian technical director To lead the national team in the African Nations qualifiers, which may start next June, a year before the tournament in Côte d’Ivoire.

Fathi continued:The Egyptian coach He is the best choice at the moment for the national team, and I will not say a specific name, because we have a large number of great coaches, and I do not want anyone to get angry for not nominating him.”

And Mabrouk concluded: “If some say that Carlos Queiroz included new players for the national team, such as Mohamed Abdel Moneim and others, then this is what any other coach would have done, and this is not an achievement for him.”

and getting ready Egypt To participate in the 2023 African Nations qualifiers, pending the announcement of “CAF” about the date of the draw and the start of the qualifiers, which is expected to start next June.


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