Al-Ahly resorted to an “analyst” for electrification, and I refuse to slaughter Queiroz


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Mortada Mansour, president of the Egyptian club Zamalek, confirmed that he refuses to slaughter the Portuguese coach, Carlos Queiroz, the coach of the Pharaohs, after his failure to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, accusing officials of the traditional rival Al-Ahly of resorting to illegal methods to contract with former Zamalek player Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Kahraba”.

Mortada Mansour said in the press conference, which was held today, Thursday, at the headquarters of the Zamalek club in Cairo: “I will not talk about technical matters, because we did not lose in normal circumstances, and yes, we have a weak Football Association, why does not Hazem Imam, a member of the Federation’s Board of Directors, submit an interrogation to the Egyptian Foreign Minister about what? It happened in Senegal.

He continued: “The Football Association is weak and must leave and come from those who benefit the Egyptian sport, deliberately excluding Hani Abu Raida from running in the Football Association elections. I call on the Egyptian fans to enter the pages of the International Federation and publish pictures of the attacks against the Egyptian team and the public in Senegal.”

Mortada Mansour spoke about the ruling issued by his club, in the case of the former Zamalek player and current Al-Ahly player Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, where he said: “Al-Ahly contracted with Kahraba through an analyst to transfer the player to a Portuguese club, while Zamalek negotiated with Abdullah Al-Saeed after the end of his contract with Al-Ahly, and we gave up. About the contract out of respect for the Al-Sheikh Turk.

And he continued: “Kahraba was loaned from Zamalek twice, with about 80 or 90 million pounds, and we made many gains from behind the player, and the electrification contract with the Portuguese club was for a week only.

And he added: “Look, Kahraba, speak and say who asked you to escape and leave Zamalek despite your continued contract with the club, and your move to the Portuguese Analyst Club. It is the misfortune of Mahmoud Al-Khatib that I am a man of law, and I achieved more championships with Zamalek than Al-Khatib achieved with Al-Ahly.”



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