Also watch Will Smith slap a Ukrainian journalist in Russia


American actor Will Smit, described as a dark Hollywood star, is used to seemingly instant slapping, so yesterday we saw it He slaps his colleague by profession and his compatriot Chris Rock on the Oscars podium, 10 years ago he slapped a Ukrainian journalist.

The journalist was a correspondent for the 1+1 TV channel in Ukraine, and he approached and tried to kiss him before the premiere of the third part of the series Men in Black in Moscow, according to what summarized what the agencies reported in May 2012 about the slap that the journalist tasted while Smith was standing On the red carpet, he put his hand on his shoulder and began to kiss him, and Smith pushed him away with a light slap in the face with the back of his left hand, according to the video below.

It was not clear whether reporter Vitalii Sediuk wanted to kiss Smith on the cheek or in the mouth, but Smith, now 53, was dumbfounded by the reporter’s behavior during the first night presentation of his latest work, and after the slap Smith told reporters: “He’s lucky I didn’t punch him,” referring to Sedeok, who was 23 years old at the time.

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