Amr Adib cries live and apologizes to this actress and asks her to forgive him


The famous journalist, Amr Adib, opened one of his episodes of his program Al-Hekaya in the lamentation of his girlfriend and co-worker, who participated with him in appearing on the same program for a long time, she is the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi.

Amr Adeeb said in the introduction to the episode, while trying to fight back the tears: “Help me today, I don’t live with you, I was good until the beginning of the episode… The truth is our profession as media professionals is very painful, and we have to appear after hours of missing a dear friend.”


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And he continued, “This episode will be in honor of the spirit of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, and I will stay well and take care of myself, because they told us we can’t cry on the air like any normal.”

And about the nature of his daily routine since she was booked in the isolation hospital for the last 40 days, Adeeb said: “She has sleep disturbances. I was worried in the middle of the night looking at the mobile with new news … I had no hope of her survival with an inner feeling, and in the first rumor of her death, I fell from my height and lost my balance. ”

He continued: “She was the last of her days before the dismissal, and she was performing a duty of condolence.. the beloved of all.. She is your mother and sister who accommodates everyone, and we have never heard of a suffocation or a problem for her with anyone.”

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