An employee stole $40 million from the university, in a “cunning” way.


The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Jimmy Petron Codrington, 42, had pleaded guilty to stealing devices computer and electronic equipment from Yale University ancient.

The ex-employee used the cash she earned selling electronics to fund her lavish lifestyle, including buying several homes, owning a fleet of luxury cars, and vacationing around the world.

Jamie pleaded guilty to fraud in connection with her years-long scheme, in addition to filing a false tax return.

Jamie faces up to 23 years in prison, the Connecticut attorney general said, noting that her verdict will be issued on June 29.

The former employee was arrested in September 2021, following a criminal complaint, but was released on bail of one million dollars.

The step of arresting the employee came after she informed the university US police There is evidence of criminal behaviour.

Jimmy’s job was to make equipment purchases for medical school, less than $10,000.

Since the beginning of 2013, Jimmy has been constantly ordering, either directly or through her employees, the purchase of electronic equipment, including iPads, worth millions of dollars, and has continued this way for years.

And the employee worked to buy the devices with the college money, and resell them illegally, which caused the university to lose more than 40 million dollars, and the US public treasury lost more than 6 million dollars due to the theft of the employee.

To cover up the thefts, Jamie falsified college documents to claim that she needed to purchase electronic devices, and all purchase orders were less than $10,000, as any order above this number required additional approval, which could raise suspicion.

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