An ophthalmologist blows up a surprise: The Senegalese fans were lasered by Salah, Zizou and El Shennawy


Dr. Amr Al-Samra, professor of ophthalmology, revealed the effect of the Senegalese fans shining laser beams on the eyes of the Egyptian national team players during the penalty shootout in the final match of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The professor of ophthalmology and surgery confirmed in statements to Youm7 TV, that laser beams are used in giving lectures and children’s games, noting that the laser beams were not irradiated precisely on a specific part that could lead to a kind of burn, and if it was directed at the eyes, it could That leads to a simple burn in the retina, and the laser beams can lead to temporary blindness or permanent blindness, pointing out that this is scientifically proven and there are cases of vision loss as a result of laser beams on the eyes.

The professor of ophthalmology indicated that what happened with the players of the Egyptian national team is that a large number of laser beams are shed at the same moment on the players eyes during penalty kicks, and it is possible that the laser used is unauthorized, harmful and forbidden and leads to blindness.

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