Apple develops a new generation of tablets and laptops


Some tech websites have reported that Apple is developing new models of laptops and tablets, according to an RT report.

According to the latest leaks, Apple is developing entirely new models of MacBook Air computers, and these computers may come in two sizes, a large size equipped with a 15-inch screen, and a smaller size that will come with 13-inch screens or slightly larger.

Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that mass production of new Apple computers is supposed to start in 2023. Chi Kuo also noted that “Apple is seeking to increase its production of mini-LED screens despite the current recession in the computer and mobile device market.”

Some leaks also indicated that these devices will be energy efficient despite having higher resolution and brighter screens than the current MacBook screens, and this will be achieved thanks to the new mini-LED technologies.

According to DSCC reports, Apple is also planning to develop mid-priced iPads, and these computers are expected to have 10.9-inch screens similar to the screens of iPad Air computers.


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