Art gossip: An Egyptian peasant woman who defies the most famous dancer with a scandalous dance compass from her bedroom and a follower: I wiped Safinaz .. watch


Arts – Amir Al-Tohamy wrote on Thursday, March 31, 2022 12:06 am – A video clip of a housewife dancing in a strange way from the usual spread on social media.

In the clip, which was circulated by activists on Twitter, a housewife dances a popular dance in an exciting way that won the admiration of viewers.

Another video clip sparked a lot of controversy on social media because of a bride dancing at an Egyptian wedding.

And the bride appeared dancing on the stage, which seemed to her and her groom to be young, but the groom left her dancing alone to dance with the dancer who was standing at the edge of the stage.

On the other side of the stage was another couple of newlyweds who seemed to blend in with the songs, and the popular music that was beating hard from the speakers.


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