As God created her.. Al-Ghandoura, cheering Jabri.. With a missile look, the areas of her charms appear bluntly after she leaves the bathroom!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The famous Iranian model, Mahlaqa Jaberi, caused a wide wave of controversy among the pioneers of social media sites, after she posted a picture of her through her official account on the Instagram photo and video sharing application.

She emerged from the balcony of a hotel, dressed in white underwear, and put a towel over her head, indicating that she was taking a shower.

And she appeared in another picture, while she was drinking coffee. She shocked the audience with her appearance, in which she did not take into account public morals, and commented, “I reform myself when I am alone.”

The public interacted widely with the pictures, and demanded that they respect the eyes of the followers a little.


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