(Be ashamed of your daughter) .. Hala Nour insults the actress Mona Zaki in public and addresses her harsh words because of the movie (Friends and Dearest).


Tunisian actress Hala Nour criticized actress Mona Zaki, after presenting the movie “Friends and Dearest”, which was shown on the Netflix platform.

Hala Nour said: “Mona Zaki destroyed her artistic future by participating in the movie “The Friends and Not My Dear”, and despite being a great artist, I did not like her in this work, stressing that she had a daughter who should be ashamed of her and not accept to watch the work.”

While the Tunisian artist Rabaa Al-Safi defended the artist Mona Zaki, stressing that she is an actress and has the right to embody all roles, which discuss community issues, in addition to the fact that the work was presented on an encrypted platform and everyone has the right to participate in it or not.

The Film Clinic company, co-producing the movie “Friends and Dearest”, celebrated the records it had achieved, days after its release on the global Netflix platform.

The company published a statement on its Facebook page, saying: “Within a week of its release, the movie “The Companions and My Dear Ones” became fifth among the top 10 international non-English films on Netflix. We would like to dedicate this wonderful success to all the staff and our partners and viewers all over the world.


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