Because of this famous actress, the artist, Asala Nasri, divorced her husband after a painful betrayal.. (The name is shocking)


The artist, Asala, announced at the beginning of 2020, the news of her main and official separation from her husband, director Tariq Al-Arian, declaring that he would remain the father of her children, and asked everyone not to involve themselves in her personal life.

And she added, “Then, a few months later, she blew up a surprise of heavy standards, and stressed that her ex-director Tariq Al-Arian had betrayed her with the Syrian-Armenian actress Nicole Saafan, and she revealed their image to them all, and said that she felt heartburn as his image spread with the person he had betrayed for.”

She added, “Tariq Al-Arian ignored Asala Nasri’s marriage until that moment, and did not comment with a letter on her statement, as did his lover Nicole Saafan, the same issue and remained silent.”

In fact, we have not been able to access the controversial statements of the Syrian artist in recent times.


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