Before implementing Putin’s decision, the US State Department threatens violators


and renewed Europe Its rejection of the Russian decision after it caused confusion in the markets over the past days, while it was moving forward Moscow To implement without retreat starting from tomorrow.

And on the US position on this, the regional spokesman for the US State DepartmentSamuel Warburg, in exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia, said that “countries that try to help Russia evade our economic sanctions or circumvent our economic measures will face consequences.”

On the nature of these consequences, Warburg added: “We have a set of tools at our disposal, but I will not go into these details now, but I can say that such a decision by President Putin shows how much the Russian economy is affected by our sanctions.”

And energy experts and analysts have previously told Sky News Arabia that Russia insists on implementing the decision as a way to circumvent the economic sanctions imposed by the Europeans and the United States in response to the military operation in Ukraine, and aims mainly to improve the situation of its local currency and economic system, and put pressure on “unfriendly” countries. To discourage her from her strict attitudes towards her.

In the midst of the widespread controversy over the Russian decision, the Russian President said today that paying for Russian gas in rubles should not affect contracts with Europeans.

New penalties

And whether the United States intends to impose new sanctions on Russia, the regional spokesman for the US State Department said: “I do not want to speculate or pre-empt any decisions, but we were clear from the beginning that we, in cooperation with all our partners and allies in the world, will continue to impose very high costs on the president. Putin and Russia if they continue to invade Ukraine.”

He added, “We have imposed very strict measures and sanctions that have not been imposed anything like them before against any other country, and these measures had devastating effects on Russia and their impact will multiply with time, and we will not rule out any options now that we are ready to impose more sanctions and measures that would weaken them.” Not only the Russian war machine, but the entire Russian state.”

Severe economic sanctions imposed by the United States and its Western allies caused the Russian banking system to deteriorate, causing a sharp collapse in the value of the ruble against foreign currencies, before it recovered some of its losses over the past few days.

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