Belarus acquires thermoelectric materials for alternative energy generation with new technology


Scientists at Bilgo Scientific Research University in Belarus have proposed a new technology to obtain high-quality thermoelectric materials, RT reports.

According to the scientists, the new technology differs from its counterparts by the superior durability of the materials and the speed of their production, this came in a statement published by the university’s press office.

The scientists confirmed that the conversion of used thermal energy into electricity using special thermoelectric materials is one of the most promising fields of alternative energy.

This method will reduce energy losses and increase the efficiency factor in many systems in various fields. Specialists at the Belarusian University have invented a new technology that will synthesize thermoelectric materials that will be used in the production of high-efficiency thermoelectric generators and coolers.

Scientists explained that indium is an effective element in making alloys using bismuth telluride. However, according to scientists, old methods led to an increase in brittleness and deterioration of other mechanical properties of materials.

As a result, the electrical resistance of the material is greatly reduced. “Our method makes it possible to successfully treat any indium-based compounds based on bismuth telluride without degrading their properties,” said Maxim Yabrintsev, a researcher at the university. The researcher said that the other difference of the new technology from its counterparts is the high speed of operations in all stages of manufacturing.

It is clear that the proposed technology will be useful in the development of thermoelectric systems for the power, medicine, chemical and biological industries, as well as in the production of superconducting electronics and refrigeration equipment.

It is noteworthy that the aforementioned study was conducted within the framework of the strategic development program “Priority 2030”. The technology has been patented, and scientists will present it at the International Exhibition of Innovations “HI-TECH”.


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