Blue Origin postpones its spacecraft flight due to bad weather


The American company Blue Origin announced that it has postponed the launch date of the New Shepard vehicle until the end of this month, according to an RT report. A statement issued by the company said, “It has been decided to postpone the launch date of the New Shepard orbital vehicle from March 29 to 31, due to bad weather conditions in the launch area.”

The statement also stated, “The launch of the vehicle will take place from a space airport in the state of Texas on the last day of March, and the only reason for delaying the flight this time was bad weather, equipment and flight crew being prepared for the flight as usual.”

New Shepard is supposed to take on its orbital flight this time one of its developers Harry Lai, investor Marty Allen, president of Tricor International, Mark Heigl and his wife Sherron, businessman and traveler Jim Kitchen, and comedian Pete Davidson. It should be noted that Blue Origin launched the first manned orbital flight of its New Shepard spacecraft on July 20, and among those on board at the time was the company’s founder and famous billionaire Jeff Bezos.


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