Bold secrets and shocking secrets about Mayan El-Sayed.. her engagement to Khaled Anwar, her real age and weight, which she hid from everyone!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Mayan Al-Sayed is an artistic talent that develops in every work, and despite her small artistic career, she is rich in prominent roles, and her personal life is full of situations that affected her thinking and her ability to confront.

Here, in this report, the most important information about Mayan Al-Sayed.

Who is Mayan El Sayed?

Mayan El-Sayed was born in the Sayeda Zeinab district of Cairo. And her real age is twenty-four years, and her weight is only fifty-five kilograms, and she had hoped to become an actress since her childhood. She chose to study acting and theater at the American University in Cairo; Because she does not have any means to help her enter the world of art.

Mayan grew up in a somewhat conservative environment, and since her childhood she dreamed of being the next Soad Hosni, as she considered her a role model, although she did not know how to enter this field; Because none of her family or friends have anything to do with art, but her mother and father’s constant encouragement, their keenness to give her positive energy, their presence by her side to provide the best and their interest in the role she plays helped her a lot in reaching her desire and passion, and achieving her dream.

Her connection with her family was the main reason for her love of art, her father’s support and her daughter’s encouragement to enter the university, and her choice to study in the theater and film department, despite her academic excellence in scientific fields. The cheering and applause begins as an expression of their happiness.

It was always her father’s comment on some negatives; To give her important instructions to improve her performance in the next shots; And because the best is always expected of her, Mayan stressed the role of her fans in supporting and motivating her, and said that she communicates with them through her official accounts on social media platforms, and that she is keen to read and respond to all comments and take them into account.

Mayan El Sayed is being bullied

Actress Mayan El-Sayed was subjected to ridicule and sarcastic comments on her recent pictures and her constant raising of her arm during filming, which made her angry and send a strongly worded message to her critics through social media platforms, and confirms that she is free in what she wears and that she will not submit or go according to the whims of any complex person. But she was also subjected to harsh criticism after publishing the warning letter.

Mayan Al-Sayed said, in a tweet on her official page on the Twitter site, “I am free, I raise my arms, I lower my arms .. I am free .. I do not have an invitation to hold you, I do not have an invitation to treat you and I do not have an invitation to think about your sexuality in my heart, our Lord heals .. I had to respond.” Commenting on the comments about raising her hands and showing her armpits permanently, many wondered about the secret in the permanent photography mode that has not changed for a while.

Mayan El-Sayed participated in one of the feminist campaigns whose goal is to defend women against harassment. She appeared in a video broadcast on her social media accounts and announced that she had been harassed.

She said that this incident was at the hands of a colleague’s representative and refused to reveal his name. She regretted her silence at the time of this incident and advised every woman exposed to this situation not to give up her right.

The love life of Mr Mayan

Mayan faced rumors of a romantic relationship with the young artist Khaled Anwar. But she responded to this news and confirmed that what they share is only a friendship.

Mayan El-Sayed is keen to improve her talent. Her way of doing this was to attend a number of acting workshops to gain new skills.

Mayan El-Sayed began her artistic career with Mustafa Qamar in the series Abu Al Banat. But the Ramadan season two thousand and twenty-one was the beginning of its artistic debut. Where she participated in three of the most important dramas: Newton’s Game, Civil War and Counterattack.

Mayan only had two experiences in the world of cinema. The girl who caused the war was in: A war as symbols. She was among the faces that appeared in a secondary girls series.

Mayan El-Sayed managed to get the absolute championship. She starred in the role of the autistic child in the story “The Dream of My Life” in the series Except I.


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