Britain: elements of the Russian Wagner deployed in eastern Ukraine


The ministry said in a tweet on Twitter that “a group of WagnerThe Russian private military company has spread to eastern Ukraine.

“It is expected that they will deploy more than a thousand mercenaries, including senior leaders of the group, to carry out combat operations,” she added in a second tweet.

and considered British Ministry of Defense In a third tweet, “Because of its heavy losses and its wide-ranging invasion, Russia was probably forced to prioritize the deployment of Wagner operatives in Ukraine over the group’s operations in Africa and Syria.”

Britain imposed more Sanctions on Russian personalities and entitiesincluding the Wagner Group, due to Russian military operations in Ukraine.

On the other hand, Ukrainian intelligence said that Russia has amassed more troops and military equipment on the border with Ukraine than it was on February 24.

and spotted Ukrainian intelligence Russia has deployed 125,000 soldiers in the Kursk region on the border with Ukraine, while the number of Russian soldiers inside Ukraine has reached 140,000.

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