(Come read the script at home) .. Actress Ghada Abdel Razek reveals the hidden without shame and talks about the concession she made in order to become a star!


Actress Ghada Abdel Razek spoke earlier that Mona Farouk is not the only young artist who has been blackmailed and exploited by directors to get a role in a movie, but there are a large number of actresses who have been exploited to get a role in a movie or series.

Ghada stated in one of her interviews with Wael El-Ibrashi that she was subjected to an attempt to exploit her by some producers and directors at the beginning of her artistic career.

Al-Ibrashi asked her, “Do I offer you to sell yourself for a role in a movie?”

And she continued, “What makes a difference with me is that I was financially comfortable…but there are other girls who remain in need and go.”

And she said about her abdication in the period of her artistic debut, represented by presenting the roles of the extras without any shame: “I relied on myself at the age of twenty, and my family initially refused to enter the artistic community, but I insisted on that, and I appeared in small roles, and my family called me at the time as the extras.”

As for her artwork, Abdel Razek said: The Nightmare series is one of the best series that she has worked in, and art is not related to beauty, but rather to talent. If beauty is the criterion, many people sit in their homes without work, and I am one of the artists who had the audacity to apologize for presenting a work that the public did not like.


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