Crazy reaction from the artist Omar Sharif when a famous artist flirted with his wife Faten Hamama.. You will not believe what he did


The famous Egyptian artist, Omar Sharif, had a strong friendship with Ahmed Ramzy, which lasted for more than 60 years and was only disturbed by an 8-year rupture.

During the filming of the movie “Struggle in the Mina”, specifically before filming the famous beating scene between Ahmed Ramzy and Omar Sharif, Atef Salem, who was assistant director with Youssef Chahine at the time, wanted the beating scene to be more realistic.

So he performed a clever trick and told Omar Sharif: “He saw Ahmed Ramzy flirting with Faten Hamama in secret, which angered him.” You are hitting hard, Omar.

Omar Sharif did not stop until Ahmed Ramzy fell into the polluted sea water and Ahmed Ramzy tried to find out the reason behind what Omar Sharif did until Atef Salem finally disclosed to him about the trick he had done.


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