Crying was not only for the World Cup .. The death of my past in front of Cameroon


Long live Jamal Belmadi; The coach of the Algerian national team had a harsh night yesterday, Tuesday, after his country’s failure to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, but this is not the only reason for the coach’s grief.

A strange scenario that topples Algeria:

Yesterday, Algeria hosted the Cameroon national team, in the second leg of the final match of the African qualifiers for the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The Desert Warriors went into the match with a win-win situation – away – with a clean goal, but that goal wasn’t enough.

The guests opened the return match with a goal in the 22nd minute through Eric Maxime, to equalize the balance of the two teams, and resort to overtime.

The 118th minute witnessed the explosion of Mustafa Tchaker Stadium of joy after Ahmed Touba scored a goal for the owners of the land, which was enough for the Algerians to reach the World Cup in Qatar, but in the 4 + 120 minute, Karl Toko Ekambi scored the winning goal for Cameroon, to take it to the World Cup, and the dream of Algeria was lost in minutes are numbered.

Fajit Belmadi’s death in front of Cameroon:

After Cameroon’s second goal, Belmadi sat on the ground and cried with grief over the loss of his dream, which was close to him, but the Algerian press revealed another reason for the coach’s crying.

According to several Algerian newspapers, including “An-Nahar”, Belmadi’s aunt, called “Yamina”, also passed away yesterday evening.

The Algeria coach confirmed the news of the death in the press conference after the match, but we were not sure whether the death occurred as a result of a heart attack after Cameroon scored the second goal, as some reports indicated.

Failures chasing Algeria since 2019:

In 2019, Algeria won the African Cup for the second time in its history after 1990.

Since then, the desert warriors were suddenly eliminated from the African Cup 2021 from the group stage, as well as the failure to qualify for the World Cup, but before that they had been crowned champions of the Arab Cup Qatar 2021.

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