Death misses the last siblings of the mother of the artist, Mustafa Darwish


This morning, Wednesday, the uncle of the artist Mustafa Darwish, Professor Samir Hussein Saeed, died.

Darwish wrote, in a post on his personal account on “Facebook”, “God alone, my uncle, Professor Samir Hussein Saeed, died,” adding: “May God have mercy on you.. Leah’s last uncle in my mother’s family.. God bless you. Peace be upon my mother and loved ones.”

In another context, Mustafa Darwish was leading the social media after his attack on the artist, Sherine Reda, after she commented on his withdrawal from the movie “The Atheist” due to his disagreement with its author Ibrahim Issa, and she said, in television statements, that she did not know him.

Darwish replied to him in a post on Facebook, saying: “Blessed are you, your age is old.”

Darwish wrote, through his account on the “Facebook” website: “I, Mustafa Darwish, decided to boycott any program of Ibrahim Issa… and apologize for the movie (The Atheist), in which I was filmed for four days because the author of the story is Ibrahim Issa.”

He added, revealing the reason: “It is clear that this war is systematic, and I will never be a tool for the war against my religion, even if the price will be eh. I am very sorry and apologize to all the work team, I will not continue in this shit.”

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