Death penalty for an engineering technician and 10 years in prison for another for manufacturing explosives


Today, Thursday, the Third Circuit, held in the Tora Courts Complex, headed by Counselor Mohamed Hammad and the membership of counselors, Wagdy Abdel Moneim, Dr. Ali Emara and Wael Omran, and the secretariat of Ahmed Sobhi Abbas, sentenced to death by engineering hanging and aggravated death for another defendant in their retrial for accusing them of manufacturing explosives in Case No. 598 of 2021 felonies First Nasr City Emergency State Security, which is registered under No. 51 of 2021 in New Cairo.

The Public Prosecution accused the accused and another that, during 2014, in the first Nasr City department, they joined a group founded in violation of the constitution and the provisions of the law, aiming to disrupt the provisions of the constitution and laws and prevent state institutions from carrying out their work.

The two accused also proceeded to use explosive devices that endanger the lives of citizens, and their explosion caused the death of a person, by making explosive devices for use in targeting people and public and police facilities to achieve terrorist goals.

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