“Deliberate confusion” .. International newspapers comment on the targeting of Salah and the players of Al-Manna


12:33 AM

Wednesday 30 March 2022


Senegal booked its place in the 2022 World Cup, to be held in Qatar, at the expense of the national team, by winning on penalties

Senegal ended the original and extra time with a 1-0 advance, to adjust the result after Egypt won the first leg (1-0), so that the two teams resorted to penalty kicks that smiled to the owners of the land.

Mohamed Salah missed the first penalty kick for the Egyptian team after he strangely hit the ball over the crossbar, while he was facing a barrage of laser beams from the Senegalese fans in the stands behind the goal.

Foreign newspapers commented on the penalty shootout, which saw the national team’s players targeted with a barrage of laser beams while they were taking the penalty kicks.

And the British “Mirror” wrote: “The star of the Egyptian national team and Liverpool, Mohamed Salah, took the penalty kick over the crossbar while he was facing a barrage of lasers from the Senegalese fans.” The newspaper “The Sun” also commented on the laser beams that were directed at the faces of the national team players during the penalty shootout that ended with the Senegalese team winning.

The newspaper said that the laser caused the Egyptian team players to be distracted and deliberately confused, which caused 3 penalty kicks to be wasted.

The British “Daily Mail” commented on the huge amount of laser beams directed at the Egyptian team players during the penalty kicks, saying that a barrage of lasers distracted the Egyptian team players.

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