Details of Egypt’s complaint about the Senegal match… Is the replay?


The Egyptian national team had failed to qualify for the World Cup final qualifiers after being defeated on penalties by its Senegalese counterpart, last Tuesday, in the capital. Dakar.

The Egyptian Federation attached with the two complaints everything that proves the acts of violence and riots committed by the masses Senegal Before, during and after the match, whether against players or Egyptian fans.

A board member explained Egyptian Football AssociationMohamed Abu Al-Wafa, that the treatment of the Egyptian team and the technical and administrative staff has been very bad since the moment they set foot in Senegal.

He stressed that the Egyptian Federation is calling for the match to be replayed due to its hostile acts and the use of internationally banned laser beams by Senegalese fans against the players of the Egyptian team, especially during penalty kicks, as well as the attack on the Egyptian team bus and raising racist banners, as well as throwing bottles on the field and at the players. .

He stressed that the Egyptian complaint file is strong and contains many proofs that confirm that what happened with the Egyptian national team in Senegal was completely outside the limits of sports.

The head of the Egyptian Football Association, Gamal Allam, traveled to Doha, Thursday, to attend the Congress of the International Football Association, and is expected to raise the crisis of Senegal’s match with the president and members of FIFA.

It should be noted that many international sports newspapers, especially the English ones, highlighted the extensive use of lasers against the players of the Egyptian national team, and the image of Mohamed Salah with his face covered in the color of the green laser topped many covers and websites of international newspapers.


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