Direct suicide on Instagram.. Two children were killed while playing with a pistol


In a tragic and strange incident, two children died of a suicide that was broadcast live on the Instagram application, during a birthday party in St. Louis, in the United States.

Police reported that a 12-year-old girl killed her 14-year-old cousin, before she committed suicide during a family party.

The incident was broadcast live on Instagram as the two kids, Paris Harvey and Quaron Harvey, were making a video together and playing with a gun, according to the NewYork Post.

For her part, Shaines Harvey, Paris’s mother, said it “was not a murder. It wasn’t a suicide. It was a strange accident,” as she put it.

In turn, Susan Dyson, the dead girl’s grandmother, explained that “the two children weren’t arguing or anything like that,” and continued, “They were playing with a gun when they shouldn’t have done that.” “I think the gun went off by mistake,” she added.

She said that the two were at a birthday party for family members, when they entered the bathroom to photograph in front of the mirror, when the tragedy occurred.

In addition, the family explained that the two children were so close that they were like “brother and sister”, usually walking around together or making videos.

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