Do you remember Siham Jalal, the heroine of the Saedi movie at the American University? .. You will not believe how she became after a long time of absence!


After a long disappearance from the artistic arenas, the artist Siham Jalal reappeared, 15 years after her last cinematic appearance in the movie “Atalias War”, and her most prominent work that the audience knew through was the movie “Saidi at the American University”, which is considered one of the most important Mass films in the last decade, and the Arab public has been closely associated with it

Where the audience knew the artist Siham Jalal in the nineties of the last century as one of the most famous advertising girls, to see her stormed the field of acting in the late nineties, and her role in the movie “Saidi at the American University”, with Mohamed Henedy, which was shown in 1998, was one of the prominent roles that changed her career.

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After her cinematic debut, Siham Jalal participated in several cinematic and dramatic works with multiple roles, but for several years she was absent from the screens to participate in 2018 in the series “Hidden Worlds” as a guest of honor and appear in 3 episodes as a director, to record this work the first meeting between Siham Jalal and the leader.

It is reported that the artist, Siham Jalal, appeared in November 2019 in one of the television interviews, in which she said that young producers and directors are the real reason behind her failure to appear on the artistic scene during the last period; Because they always choose their heroes from young artists and do not look at the previous generation.

In her statements, Siham added that the last film she participated in was the movie “Atalias War” with the Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Sakka, and since then she has not received artworks worth participating in.

Siham indicated that she is not intentionally hidden, but there are also works she participated in and did not receive a good view, in addition to the last series I learned about, which is “Marionette”, which was produced by “The Voice of Cairo”, whose filming was completed two years ago and has not been shown so far despite promises. Which the heroes of the work obtained from the producer by displaying it well during the past two years.

And the Egyptian artist continued, that the public’s belief that the artist Safaa Jalal, her sister, is wrong, but some linked them as a result of the similarity of names and their appearance at the same time and their beginnings in the field of advertising and then acting.

It is noteworthy that Siham started her artistic life as an advertising girl, then went on to act in the movie “Saidi at the American University”, then the artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz asked her to co-star in the movie “The Mongoose”, which is considered her actual beginning.

It is reported that Siham Jalal’s last appearance on television was through the series “Hidden Worlds” with leader Adel Imam and directed by Rami Imam, which was shown in 2018, and in the cinema, the movie “Atalia’s War” with the star Ahmed El Sakka and directed by Ahmed Saleh.

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