Do you remember the star of The Voice Kids (Zain Obaid) who stunned Nancy Ajram? .. Watch how he became a handsome young man and kidnapped girls’ minds with his extreme beauty!! (picture)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Syrian child, Zain Obeid, drew attention with his beautiful shape and graceful grace, which attracted everyone's attention.

Zain Obaid, the star of The Voice Kids, drew strong attention after circulating his latest photos, which he posted on his Instagram account, as he looked very thin that shocked the audience who did not recognize him at first sight.

The Syrian child, Zain Obaid, participated in the first season of The Voice Kids program and gained very wide fame due to his feel, voice and digestion.

Zain chose the Lebanese star Nancy Ajram, joined her team, and moved with her to the final episode of the program, and his chances were more, but the vote came in favor of his colleague, Lynn Hayek.

And after more than four years of participating in the program, Zain appeared again on his followers and shocked them with his thin weight after losing more than 60 or 70 kilos and becoming more beautiful than before.

And Zain Obaid revealed last year that he underwent a gastric sleeve operation in order to lose weight, and that he lost about 30 kilograms at once,

He added that he resorted to the gastric sleeve operation despite his young age, as he was not more than 16 years old, in order to get rid of his weight loss, and at the same time he did not take this step until after making sure that it was not dangerous to his health.


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