Do you remember The Voice Kids star Ashrakat Ahmed .. You will not believe how she has become today after she has grown up and become a very beautiful and feminine young woman!! (picture)


The pioneers of social networking sites shared a new photo of the star of The Voice Kids, the Egyptian girl, Ashrakat Ahmed, who participated in the second season of the program, which was shown 4 years ago in 2017.

Ashrakat Ahmed caught the attention of social media followers with the great change that happened to her, as she lost her extra weight and looked like a beautiful young woman in the prime of life.

The pioneers of social networking sites also interacted with the 14-year-old girl, as many flirted with her beauty, and one of them commented on one of her photos that she published through her official account on “Instagram”: “Moon, God bless you.” And another added: “God bless you, you shine (a fan from Morocco).”

Ashraqa Ahmed had participated in the second season of “The Voice Kids” program. She captured the hearts of all the coaches who tried so hard for her to join their squad. However, she chose to be part of the Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni’s team, and left the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and the Iraqi artist Kazem El Saher to join others in their teams.

As for the song that she performed in the first stage, which is the stage of “The Voice Only”, the song “Ama Barawa”, which was the winning card to reach the finals. Otherwise, her colleague in the program “Hamza Labyad”, who was part of Kazem El Saher’s team, was able to get first place in the second season of the program, surpassing Ashraqa Ahmed.

It is reported that she released several songs, one of which was a lyrical “duet” with the Egyptian artist Ihab Tawfik, which bore the name “Mawfesh like my mother”, from the words of Awad Badawi, composed by Walid Saad, and distributed by Khaled Nabil.


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