Egypt.. throws a party to torture his daughter to death because she does not look like him


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An Egyptian father turned into a human beast and abandoned the simplest meanings of mercy with the closest people to him, his innocent child who did not commit any sin in her life except that she came to life bearing the name of this father.

Naama, who did not complete her fourth year, was begging her father while he was torturing her by drowning with a bucket full of water: “Oh, Daddy, it will be built.. I am your daughter,” while the father continued kicking her and smashing her little head against the wall until her soul overflowed to her creator.

“Maarouf” this father, who did not have a share of his name, could not comprehend the heinous crime he had committed, and only had to call his mother, crying: “I killed the girl… I don’t know what to do?” Then he fled, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Marwa suffered throughout her married life with Maarouf from assaults on her and her children, and the lack of expenses, in addition to her going out to work and spending on the family, as he sits at home day and night waiting to prepare food, buy cigarettes, and seize her daily livelihood, to buy narcotics.

Because of his constant suspicions and mistreatment of him, “Maarouf” separated from his wife, who is pregnant with their daughter “Nama,” after she refused to abort her according to his request, saying: “May God grant me their livelihood and escape them.” And one day, I was surprised, by a call from her son, “Hassan – 15 years,” saying To her: “Oh, Mama, come and bring my sisters, because Papa is tired and will die!” And when she asked him to give the phone to his father, to check on him, he added: “He is unable to answer.”

Thus, “Maarouf” succeeded in luring his ex-wife and her children to his apartment, where everyone was surprised that the father ordered someone to close the door of the house tightly from the outside, then closed the windows with wooden panels and hammered them with nails, repeating: “Because no one hears you sense or news.”

The father turned the marital home in the red corner of Cairo into a torture facility for his ex-wife and 6 of their children over the course of a week, which ended with the killing of “Nama’a”, who was deprived of food and drink with torture links despite her emaciated body. He said: “Oh my daughter, she had memorized the Qur’an, and before her death, she told me, Mama, I want to memorize the Qur’an.. You will be in Heaven, the origin of which is no sin!”

“Marwa,” she went down the street, as she told of “So and shorts,” a naked body, blood oozing from her nose, and bruises on her face. People were afraid of her: “Think of me, you’re not crazy.” She went to the police station before her mother-in-law called her, telling her the tragedy: “My son killed your daughter.”

The girl’s mother stood hysterically telling the police officer: “Oh, I regret that my ex-husband killed my daughter. He says that she is not like an egg and her sisters are Samar..

The detectives officers went to Maarouf’s apartment, and they searched it initially. They did not find any traces of “Nama’s body.” One of them told the mother, “I am sure of your words.” She said confidently, “Oh, I regret it. From her daughter’s “Tukah”, she peeked out from a mattress next to a wall. The officers found the girl’s body without clothes.

“It was a cruel sight.. my memory has never forgotten.”.. The mother indicates that her ex-husband confessed, after his arrest and escape from the crime scene, that he had indecently assaulted the child, and his children testified that he “would put his hands in sensitive areas.”

Nima’s siblings testified that the victim said to her father, “Oh, Daddy, your daughter looks like you. You are just as white.” He was getting angry and beating her, drowning her face in a bucket of water and banging her head against the wall. After her mother ran away, he told them in a threatening tone: “I will kill you all.. I was coming to you to kill you.. I said I will kill you by torture, one after the other.”

The head of the family had beaten his ex-wife and their children with a “knife” and a bed wood, and none of them could resist him, before he seized their mobile phones.

The mother pleads and tears precede her words: “For every six, keep your mind and talk to anyone and do not go back to a man who will beat you.” She asked the investigation authorities, “Consider the blessing of your daughter who wants her right, because my fire will cool down with a just ruling.”


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