Egypt without its defenders.. Queiroz in a “difficult chess match” against Senegal


Before facing Cairo, he was exposed Ahmed Hegazy The main defender of the Pharaohs because of an injury that prevented him from appearing in the list of Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz for the two matches against Senegal.

In the meeting, which ended with a reverse goal scored by Salio Cisse in his own net, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, the defender of the Egyptian team, left injured after suffering a broken nose that required surgical intervention, which made him outside the accounts of the return match as well.

Also, Mahmoud Al Wensh, who started the main confrontation next to Abdel Moneim in the heart of the “Pharaohs” defense, received a warning to miss the Dakar meeting, due to the accumulation of warnings and then suspension.

Queiroz options

Queiroz was now in front of all new options that he did not wish for, and he said in the press conference after the match between Egypt andSenegal The first is that he studies the situation well before calling another defender to the ranks of the team.

Hours after the end of the first leg, the administrative body of the Egyptian national team sent an immediate summons to Ali Gabr, the Pyramids defender, and Ramy Rabia, the Al-Ahly defender.

Gabr and Rabia were not among the coach’s options during the period in which he coached the Egyptian national team, from September 2021 until the last list he announced for the two matches with Senegal.

Queiroz’s list in the fateful Dakar trip includes Yasser Ibrahim, who participated in the first leg instead of Abdel Moneim, Mahmoud Alaa, the defender of Zamalek, and Ayman Ashraf, the Al-Ahly defender, who is relied on by the coach as a substitute for Ahmed Fattouh in the left-back position, and Jabr and Rabia joined them.

and became Egypt national team He has several options against Senegal to avoid the crisis, the first of which is to rely on Ashraf or Alaa next to Ibrahim, who is likely to start mainly after he appeared well in the first leg.

The second solution lies in the use of one of the new duo Rabia and Jabr alongside Ibrahim, while changing the method to playing with a defensive trio may be one of the solutions strongly on the table of Queiroz.

Sports critic Omar Kora believes that the Egyptian team is going through an unprecedented crisis during the reign of Queiroz, who was famous for his defensive rigidity, but he has suffered frequent injuries in the defensive line, since Akram Tawfiq fell with a cruciate ligament injury during the first African Nations Cup match against Nigeria last January.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Koura added: “The Egyptian team came out with a clean sheet for 210 minutes against Senegal in the last two matches (in the final of the African Championship and then in the Friday match), and it needs to make it 300 minutes in Dakar in order to ensure qualification for the World Cup. “.

Regarding the best option for Queiroz in order to heal the rift in the defense of the Pharaohs, Qura said: “Jabr is the best option to help Ibrahim in the defense of the team, especially in light of the decline in the level of Alaa who is on Queiroz’s list from the beginning, in addition to Jabr’s possession of great international experience.”

Koura concluded his speech by saying: “Ibrahim guarantees his key participation after his brilliance against Senegal in the first leg and his effective participation in preventing two goals for the guests, while Ashraf is outside the accounts despite playing as a defender in Al-Ahly club, but Queiroz sees him as a left-back only in his list.”


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