Employing a robot in the form of a dog to protect the ancient Italian city of Pompeii from antiquities hunters


Pompeii Archaeological Park employs a four-legged robot called Spot To inspect the streets and tunnels of the ancient Italian city instead of humans, and as a robotic guard dog, he will Spot It patrols Pompeii at night or when the site is closed to tourists, providing a live feed of human officials located off-site.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, part of the mission of Spot It is the investigation of tunnels dug by poachers, which cause structural problems but would be too dangerous or too narrow for officials to access safely.

is used Spotwhich is produced by Boston Dynamics American, his cameras and sensors to provide feed from Pompeii’s hard-to-reach structures.

It is also capable of examining even the smallest of spaces, collecting and recording data that is useful for planning interventions to fix safety and structural issues.

Pompeii is an ancient city that was buried under volcanic ash at the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Today, its archaeological ruins cover about 440,000 square meters, but it is facing deterioration due to natural forces and human activity.

“We would like to test the use of these robots in the underground tunnels made by illegal excavators that we are uncovering in the area around Pompeii,” said Gabriel Zustregel, director of the Pompeii Archaeological Park.

Gabriel added, “The safety conditions inside the tunnels dug by grave robbers are often very precarious, and as a result the use of a robot can signal an achievement that will allow us to move forward more quickly and in complete safety.”

. can SpotSuitable for indoor or outdoor use, map and sense its environment, avoid obstacles, climb stairs, and open doors.

It can also perform dangerous tasks in a variety of harsh environments such as nuclear plants, offshore oil fields and construction sites.


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