Ex-KGB element on Putin: fear of intelligence!


with entry Russian military operation In its second month, a former KGB agent revealed that he was frustrated about the course of the war and the ability of the Ukrainian resistance to repel the Russian attack.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends Weekend”, which is shown on the American “Fox News” channel, Jack Barsky said that “it is impossible that Russian intelligence does not know in detail what Russia will face,” referring to the resistance it faced from the Ukraine on the ground. .

He also said, “Either they were afraid to tell Putin or they did, but he ignored it,” noting that “it may be a combination of the two.” “Vladimir Putin has a history about this, as he thinks he is the smartest man in the room,” he added.

“Greater Russia”

Parsky also spoke about how the United States dealt with Russia and argued that the Obama administration’s foreign policy was naive, particularly in thinking it could play a “nice” role with Putin.

“We as a country have not paid enough attention to what Putin has been planning for a long time,” he warned. “He wants to create a Greater Russia the way it started before,” he added.

He also added, “He has stated publicly that he does not consider Ukraine to be a sovereign country, and Ukraine and Russia should unite.”

Barksy’s warning comes as the White House has been forced to clarify comments made by President Joe Biden over the weekend, saying the United States does not seek regime change in Russia, even though Biden said Putin “cannot stay in power.”

It is noteworthy that the Russian military operation began on February 24, days after Russia recognized the independence of two separatist regions in eastern Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk.

Western reports stated that the Russian operation was facing unexpected resistance from the Ukrainian forces, which slowed down the operation and achieved its goals. However, the Russian side stressed that the plan is going as it should and will end when the desired goals are achieved.

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