Exciting Confessions: Who is the most brutal and difficult to accept actor? Watch a shocking response from Yosra and what is the relationship of Samir Ghanem .. and her real name will amaze you!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>During a previous television interview with the doll Abla Fahita, the star Yousra revealed many secrets, and then the star Youssra said: My name is Sevin, and this means the rose that does not die or does not wither.

And a sword in the house, and I am the sign of Pisces and its qualities, we are good and very strong, but you are kind to us, if we turn.”

And the star Yousra added, during her meeting on the “Duplexes” program, presented by Abla Fahita, in the Caro segment, broadcast on ON channel: “I learned when I was young that when I meet someone bigger than me, I get up and take my place,

And the first time my heart beat was I was in school, I said, “Begin early, and we would meet at school.” And about her question if she was an animal, she said: “If I were an animal, I would love to be a mare horse.”

On her question about the artist whose smell is the most brutal and difficult to swallow, Yousra evaded the answer and said: Abdel Samie Al-Lamie, a comedian famous for his lack of hygiene and performed by Samir Ghanem.


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