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Barcelona President Joan Laporta spoke in a lengthy interview with Radio Catalunya, about the club’s completion of two deals in order to strengthen the team next season.

He also talked about the possibility of Mohamed Salah and Lewandowski joining Barcelona.

Laportas interview came as follows

“Parties may be held at the Camp Nou. Why not? One of the terms of the contract was to name the stadium ‘Spotify Camp Nou’, the previous name was more foreign, but the agreement was very good.”

“We are looking at other sponsorship contracts and have 6 proposals for shirt sleeves.”

“We plan to finish developing Camp Nou in 2025 and I will do everything I can to make it real. We have the desire and the capabilities to do it but we want to manage our heritage well. How many years have passed since the outbreak of war in Europe? But we are optimistic and we have an agreement with Goldman Sachs.”

“Barcelona is Messi’s home and I hope he is the one who opens the new Camp Nou. The relationship has become less flexible with him and he is currently playing with Paris Saint-Germain, but for me it was not easy. I would have liked things to be different, but I could not expose the institution to more risks and I think we did.” What we had to do.”

“The possibility of Messi’s return? I did not receive any message from Leo or his family in this direction and we do not think about his return. We are building a young team that starts working, he is the best player in the world, but we do not think about his return and do not look back.”

“Super League? I have a friendly relationship with Florentino Perez and now I see him more because of the Super League issue, the project is on the field and it will have a very attractive competition format and the Champions League may develop, I think we will end this with a dialogue with the European Union I want to do it that way, we can’t Allowing clubs like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Juventus to have a hard time competing because other teams break the rules, for the survival of historical clubs we have to do that.”

“Dembele? We made him an offer and he did not accept it. We love him and see him as a good player. If we reach an agreement, it will be within the limits of the salaries we set, I say it with respect, but the agents have a box of surprises that can make us dizzy sometimes.”

“Haaland or Mbappe? Who explains that he wants to play for Barcelona and comes here, to this day none of them have conveyed that to me and what I received are economic conditions that we will not accept under any circumstances.”

“Salah or Lewandowski? They are great players, all good footballers want to join Barcelona but I can’t say if we are negotiating with any of them or not, because at the club they tell me that I create problems in negotiating, so don’t make it difficult for me.”

“We have completed two deals for next season, one as a central defender and the other as a midfielder, but I will not disclose them now. On the other hand, we have very good reports about Rafinha and Deco (his agent) gives us the details so that we do not make mistakes and he helped us a lot at times.”

Reports indicate that the midfielder that Laporta is talking about in his interview is Frank Kessie, a Milan player.


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