FilGoal | News | Cooper Conference: Qualifying at the expense of Morocco? Nobody expected what happened to Italy


Hector Cuper, the coach of the Democratic Republic of Congo, cited the North Macedonia team’s elimination of its Italian counterpart in the struggle to qualify for the World Cup, in reference to his team’s ability to achieve a resounding surprise by crossing Morocco.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo will visit Morocco in the second leg of the decisive qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup on Tuesday, after drawing 1-1 in Kinshasa on Friday in the first leg.

“It is difficult to predict everything in football. One might think that he is in control, but the reality is different and unexpected things happen in it,” Cuper said in a press conference carried by the Moroccan championship website.

He added, “This is what happened to the Italian national team. No one thought that he would be outside the World Cup.”

North Macedonia stunned Italy with a goal and qualified for the final of the European qualifying play-off for the World Cup.

And the Argentine coach continued, “Everything is contained in football. There are small details and other things that may seem insignificant, but they affect the final result.”

He continued, “Whoever does his job well on the field is the one who will win, but sometimes the end is not happy for the best team.”

“I respect the Moroccan team, but we played better than it in Kinshasa, and the result remains the most important,” the former Egypt coach added.

He believes that “the large public presence helps the owners of the land to win, and sometimes the opposite happens.”

He continued, “It will be a difficult match for both teams, and it will not be easy for anyone. The pressure will be high for both parties.”

“We played well in the first match, and we are not thinking of making several changes just because we will play the second leg in the opposing team’s stadium.”

In the first leg, the Congolese team opened the game’s goals in the 12th minute with a shot from Yoanni Weissa.

While Tariq Tisodale equalized for Morocco with a powerful shot in the 76th minute.

The match saw Moroccos Ryan Mayi miss a penalty kick in the 55th minute.

He was also sent off by Congolese Glodi Ngonda in the 86th minute after receiving two yellow cards.

The two teams will meet in Morocco in the return leg next Tuesday.

Morocco needs a goalless draw or win by any result to qualify for the World Cup for the sixth time in its history and the second in a row.

As for the Congolese team, it became necessary to win in Morocco to qualify or draw with the same result to go to extra time.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has qualified for the World Cup only once before, and that was in the 1974 edition.

The African qualifiers end on Tuesday, which will qualify 5 teams for the World Cup.

The other first leg matches ended with Algeria winning over its host Cameroon with a goal, and Tunisia winning over its host Mali with a goal.

Ghana drew 0-0 against its guest Nigeria, while Egypt beat its guest Senegal with a goal.


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