FilGoal | News | Gerrard: This was Klopp’s advice to me at the beginning of my coaching career


Aston Villa coach Steven Gerrard and former Liverpool star revealed the advice of Jurgen Klopp, the current Reds coach, to him at the beginning of his coaching career.

Gerrard was the coach of the youth teams in Liverpool before he took over the Scottish Glasgow Rangers and from there to Aston Villa this season.

“When I decided to become a coach, I wanted to be in the Liverpool academy, and I spoke with Klopp to get his advice,” Gerrard told the Liverpool Echo newspaper.

“Klopp told me, ‘Don’t go into coaching with Steven Gerrard’s name on your back,'” the former England captain added.

He continued, “He told me that he had seen many former stars who played at impressive levels in their careers and believed that they would also become stars in the world of coaching.”

He continued, “Klopp told me that it was important to work for two years with Liverpool’s youth teams away from the cameras, make mistakes, find out the way I want to play, try different formations and different ways of playing.”

Gerrard explained that the German coach advised him to choose qualified assistants because the fact that he is good in some areas does not guarantee him that he will be familiar with all matters of training.

Gerrard took over Aston Villa last November, succeeding Dean Smith.

The Liverpool legend took over the team, occupying 15th place with 10 points.

Gerrard moved the Villains to ninth place with 36 points, 9 rounds before the end of the season.


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