FilGoal | News | Hazem Imam reveals Queiroz’s answer to “My career with the national team is over”… and the response to a “failed system”


Hazem Emam, a board member of the Egyptian Football Association, denied Carlos Queiroz’s announcement of his departure from leading the Egyptian national team after failing to qualify for the World Cup.

Hazem Imam explained that Queiroz only announced the end of his mission in the World Cup qualifiers, and the matter will be studied after that between the federation and the coach to evaluate the last period.

Egypt was eliminated from the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after losing to Senegal on penalties.

Hazem Emam said on Ontime Sports: “Queiroz apologized to us for failing and not qualifying for the World Cup.”

He revealed, “I asked Queiroz, did you really say that you will not continue your journey with the national team? He replied with no and that he only made it clear that his mission ended with not being successful in qualifying for the World Cup and he apologizes to the fans for that.”

Hazem Imam added, “We will hold a session with Queiroz during the coming period, after we return from Doha to study matters from all sides, and whether they have improved and there is an addition or not.”

He stressed, “I just want to clarify that the decision that will be issued regarding Queiroz will stem from the board of directors of the Egyptian Football Association, and there is no guardian over the council in making decisions.”

And speaking of studying the matter of the Portuguese coach, he said: “Queiroz is a great coach and he previously announced that he did not adhere to the penalty clause in his contract, and the matter for him is not just money because he was getting more than that before the Egyptian team.”

Regarding the Football Association’s position on the harassment of the mission, he explained, “We are preparing a complete file regarding the events of the Senegal match, and it will be submitted to the African Union.”

And he sent a message to the fans, saying: “There is a word that recurs with any loss, and it is (failed system). Italy, Austria and Chile did not rise. Is it also a failed system? We played during five years 2 the final of the African Nations and we played the World Cup in Russia.”

He continued, “It is not due to a failed system as it is reported, but if we see the Senegal team, all the players are playing in Europe, unlike here. If a player shines, the club clings to him for fear of the fans. Mohamed Salah came out and shined because he plays in the Contractors Club.”

He concluded his statements, “We have contacted the League of Clubs in order to reduce the Premier League clubs, everyone is calling for a regular competition and we want the league to be stronger and when that happens the clubs complain about the lack of postponement, and the national team’s interest must be the most important.”


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