FilGoal | News | “Illegally imprisoned” the Barcelona player reveals that she was subjected to abusive practices by the club


Giovanna Queiroz, a Barcelona player loaned to Levante, denounced the poor treatment she received during her time at the Catalan club.

Queiroz sent a message to Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona, ​​via Twitter, revealing details of her exposure to arbitrary practices within the club.

“It wasn’t easy to talk about,” Giovanna wrote, “but I think this is the time to say it.”

She added, “I joined Barcelona B in 2020 when I was 17 years old. At first I was treated well by everyone, but when I was called up by the Brazil national team and traveled, the treatment completely changed.”

And she continued, “The club’s medical team summoned me and told me that I suffer from symptoms of the Corona virus and that I must stay at home, and they imprisoned me illegally, and I was forbidden to go with the team to participate in a match in the Spanish Cup.”

And she continued, “And when I fully recovered from the symptoms, I joined the Brazil national team camp in the United States, and when I returned I was called by the club’s management and they told me how I dared to go without the consent of the club, I was terrified because of the way they spoke to me.”

She concluded, “FC Barcelona is not directly responsible for this violation, but they are only responsible for ensuring my health and mental well-being, and I hope that action will be taken in this regard.”

Barcelona responds to the accusations

Barcelona denied allegations by Giovanna Queiroz Costa that she had been subjected to “abusive behavior” at the Catalan club, according to “The Athletic”.

The only comment issued by the club was as follows: “The allegations of moral abuse, harassment in the club and psychological violence are untrue. Giovanna was already infected with the Corona virus, and the club told her that she could not travel to Orlando in the United States with the Brazilian national team due to the regulations of the Spanish government.”

Giovanna joined Barcelona from Real Madrid in 2020, and participated with the reserve in 13 games, during which she scored 7 goals, before moving to Levante on loan.

The 18-year-old appeared with Levante this season in 12 matches, during which she scored four goals.


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