FilGoal | News | In the Joule, he reveals the details of the attack on the wise woman, Nada Abd Rabbo, in the women’s third division


Tense events witnessed the events of the match between Ittihad Basyoun and Al-Majd Al-Iskandari match last Saturday in the third division of women’s football, which led to the issuance of disciplinary decisions against the coach and player of the latter.

According to the referee’s report, Nada Abd Rabbo, the Department of Competitions decided to suspend Al-Majd coach Amr Mohsen and Hajar Abdel Azim, the team’s player, for 8 months after they were expelled in the match.

The decision of the competitions explained that the reason was the behavior of the coach and the player towards the referee of the match.

Al-Majd team occupies fourth place, while Ittihad Basyoun is fifth. The match ended with the latter’s victory over the former with three goals without a response, and there are still 5 rounds left to finish the competition.

According to what Mohamed Ziada, technical director of the Basyoun Women’s Union, told There are discussions in the Football Association about the qualification of the third and fourth place owners to the second division due to the withdrawal of the first place owners.

what happened?

communication With a witness to the incident, who revealed the full details of the incident.

The source toldFilGoal.comBefore the match, Amr Mohsen, Al-Majd coach, entered the referees room before the start of the match and said to the wise Nada Abd Rabbo, “I want to win today in order to guarantee qualification.”

He added, “At the beginning of the match, when the referee indicated a throw-in, the Al-Majd coach began to insult Al-Hikma, so that Al-Hikma issued a yellow card to him.”

And he continued, “With a goal calculated in the 18th minute in favor of Ittihad Basyoun, Amr Mohsen began using profanity, then went to the field and physically assaulted Al-Hikma, at that moment Nada Abd Rabbo sent him the red card, and the insults continued on his part until the end of the first half of the match, and he did not It is limited to that only, and Amr Mohsen entered the referees room in the half-time break and broke some things and continued to threaten Al-Hikma.”

And he added, “Al-Majd players acted like their coach, and some of the players insulted the referee of the match, one of them was Hajar Abdel Azim, who got a red card in the end after she admitted that she was in danger and would harm her.”

And he continued, “At the end of the match, the Al-Majd players, accompanied by the coach, went to Al-Hikma to attack her, had it not been for the intervention of the Bassiouni Union players and the organization of a human shield to protect her, and Nada Abd Rabbo waited inside the room for more than half an hour, then left by another path.”

Mohamed Ziada, technical director of the Basyoun Federation, also commented to About the incident: “There must be material deterrent penalties in order to avoid similar situations occurring.”

He added, “This is not the team’s first incident. It is known about matches in their stadiums to come out defeated or die.”

He concluded, “The president of Al-Majd Club is a respectable person and I received information that the women’s football activity will be canceled after that incident, but I do not see that this is fair. There are players who want to prove themselves in the team.”

وتحدث Also with Alaa Zaqzouq, a member of Basyoun’s board of directors, who said: “I entered and found the wise Nada Abd Rabbo collapsed from tears after the insults she received from the players and coach of Al-Majd.”

“I did not see an incident of assault, but I witnessed profanity and heavy threats that I had not seen before,” he added.

He condemned the lack of security inside the stadiums, saying: “There is no security in the Women’s Football League, and I spoke with Dina Al-Rifai, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Football Association, for this.”


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