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Ismaili players refused to train today, Monday, in protest of the delay in paying their dues, and they spoke with coach Hamad Ibrahim about their position, and they issued a fiery joint statement.

The players issued a joint statement as follows:

“In respect to the feelings of the fans and to clarify what is happening inside the club, we would like to confirm that we have been due for months in arrears. However, we remained silent in appreciation of the difficulty of the Ismaili position and its results in the league, and we received many promises to exchange part of the dues, but it did not happen, however, we preferred to remain silent out of respect for the feelings of the fans.” .

“And until the results improve, and after most of the players failed to pay the debts owed to them, and some of them were exposed to the possibility of imprisonment because of trust receipts, and some players received checks without balance, and some players who were contracted in January did not receive the premises of their contracts, and the injured players did not receive their treatment allowance, and some were expelled Expatriate players from housing because of the delay in paying the rent for consecutive months and the players not receiving the agreed rewards.

“Besides, we attend the matches in an undistinguished uniform that does not indicate that we are a big team. Rather, the players go in different clothes, which exposes them to great embarrassment in front of everyone, and because this is the source of livelihood through which the expenditures are made on our families and homes, it has become a collective problem that threatens the stability of the team and distracts the minds of the players at this stage. We have no solution left after false promises and repeated evasion from officials to solve problems for the sake of more stability at this stage. We must clarify what is happening to avoid any unfounded jurisprudence.”

“The players affirm their appreciation and respect for the technical staff, which contained the crisis more than once, but without any action from the officials to solve the problems.”

The statement came in response to the club’s board of directors, which issued a statement on Sunday saying:

“First: 25% of the value of the players contracts was disbursed as soon as the board of directors officially took over, and since that date the team’s results have not been at the level that satisfied the Ismaili fans and members, and an amount exceeding 50 million pounds has been disbursed since the first of last November to date.”

Second: The club has arrears with the sponsoring company that have not been disbursed so far, despite our request for them more than once.

Third: The Ismaili Club’s board of directors decided on March 3rd to suspend the players dues until the results improved and they reached the twelfth place with the end of the first round of the general league competition.

Fourth: Due to the club’s lack of financial liquidity, the club’s chairman, Yahya El-Koumi, injected an amount of 5 million pounds to run the daily business and pay the salaries of employees and technical staff.

Fifth: The winning bonus was paid to the players after winning over Petrojet in the 32nd round of the Egypt Cup competition, in addition to the double winning bonus after winning the Alexandrian Federation in the thirteenth week of the general league competition to motivate the players.

Sixth: Due to the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, the board of directors decided to disburse an amount of 150 thousand pounds to each player, with a total of 3.5 million pounds, despite the suspension of the dues, before the holy month, and it was borne by the club president, due to the lack of financial liquidity in the club.

Seventh: The Ismaili club’s board of directors decided to refer the players who fabricated this crisis for investigation by the club’s legal advisor, and the club’s board of directors stressed that if any player refrains from participating in the daily training, he will be suspended and referred for investigation immediately and take all legal measures that maintain The prestige of the club and its rights.

And the statement of the Ismaili board of directors came in response to a public objection from the players over the delay in their dues, as they mentioned in a statement on Sunday.

During the social networking site Instagram, a group of the team’s players wrote one message, which is: “Months are destined for every need and our commitments increase, and we took an appointment, two, and 10, and nothing happened. We will not get out of what we are in until we all remain one hand and the promises are implemented.”

From the team’s players, Ahmed Mostafa, Mohamed Fawzy, Imad Hamdi, Ahmed Madbouly, Omar Al-Wahsh and a number of other players wrote.

Ismaily occupies the last place in the Egyptian league standings with 8 points after 13 rounds.

Ismaily achieved only one victory in the league against Al Ittihad of Alexandria, compared to 7 defeats and 5 draws.

Ismaily will play after stopping with Al-Masry in the 14th round of the league.


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