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He presents Live coverage of Al-Ahly and Zamalek match in the final round of the Handball Professional League at Hassan Mustafa Hall in 6th of October City.

Zamalek leads the standings with 16 points, and Al-Ahly is second with 14.5 points.

Zamalek needs a win or a draw to win the league title, while Al-Ahly needs to win to win the title.

The winner gets 3 points, a tie equals 2 points for each team, and a loss equals 1 point.

S20: Hamid saves a penalty kick

S20: Hamid and Hindawi shine and tackle a goal for each team

S 18: Yahya Al-Deraa scores the winning goal for Zamalek 6-5

Q 17: Hamid and Hindawi shine

S 15: Another wasted penalty throw for Zamalek

S13: A tie between the two teams 5-5

S 10: Al-Ahmar wastes a penalty kick for Zamalek

S 9: Al-Ahly reduces the difference again 4-3

S 8: The fourth goal of Zamalek, to make the score 4-2

S 7: Al-Ahly reduces the difference 3-2

S 5: A penalty kick for Al-Ahly was wasted

S 5: Zamalek 3-1 Al-Ahly

S 2: Zamalek leads two early goals over Al-Ahly

start of the meeting

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