FilGoal | News | Mortada Mansour talks about communicating with Musimani’s wife, Kahrabas escape, and Carteron’s departure


Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek, spoke about the ruling issued against Mahmoud Kahraba, with a fine of 2 million dollars.

Mortada Mansour also confirmed that Musimani’s wife had communicated with the former Zamalek club in order to take over the leadership of the team.

Mortada Mansour said in a press conference at the Zamalek Club: “I confirm that Mosimane’s wife contacted us in order to lead the Zamalek team.”

He continued, “I don’t know why he was surprised by the incident? She is doing her job by marketing it, and a ruling was issued against him that he ran away from his club to train Al-Ahly.”

Speaking of the football team, he stressed, “Patricis Carteron lost the two easiest CAF Champions League tournaments to Zamalek.”

As for the club’s case against Kahraba, he explained, “Al-Ahly contracted with Kahraba through an asylum analyst to move him to a Portuguese club for a week only.”

Mortada Mansour revealed, “When we negotiated with Abdullah Al-Saeed, his contract with Al-Ahly had expired, and we gave up the contract after that out of respect for the Sheikh’s Turks.”

And he concluded his statements, “Zamalek will get its full electrification dues, and if you are in his place, I will speak and reveal who asked you to escape from Zamalek, despite the continuation of your contract.”


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